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What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

The complaints of aging are well known; you might tire easily, your thinking is fuzzy and unclear, you have trouble sleeping and insomnia is common, you gain weight and can’t seem to lose it, your interest in sex declines, and many others. Along with these outward symptoms, your body is undergoing internal changes that might not be as obvious, but pose an equally grave danger to your well-being and quality of life. Your immune system gradually loses the ability to mount an effective immune response. Levels of inflammation skyrocket, increasing the risk of diseases ranging from cancer to heart disease. Your bones no longer rejuvenate like they once did, and your muscles begin to lose their youthful elasticity.

Unfortunately, many people think of these changes as a naturalpart of aging. In fact, these changes are all driven by a single underlying cause: declining hormone levels. As you age, your levels of vital hormones decline rapidly and unevenly. This decline affects levels of every hormone system in your body, from sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone to thyroid hormone and even hormones that govern mood and hunger.

The good news is that this underlying hormone imbalance and deficiency can be corrected! Modern bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can be used to measure your hormone levels and then correct hormone levels to restore your youthful vitality. With bioidentical hormone therapy, or BHRT, you can reverse the dreaded symptoms of aging and regain the sexual vitality, youthful energy, and mental and emotional health of your twenties and thirties.

Hormone Replacement Therapy vs. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you’ve been following the news, you might cringe at the words “hormone replacement therapy.” In recent years, the media has been full of stories about the dangers of “hormone replacement therapy” in women, where it has been reported to increase levels of certain cancers. But it’s important to understand that traditional hormone replacement (HRT) therapy is not the same as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Traditional HRT relies on synthetic hormones derived from animals, including the urine of pregnant mares. In contrast, BHRT uses hormones that are chemically the same as the natural, or endogenous, hormones your body produces.

Unlike HRT, which relies on standardized doses of one or two hormones, BHRT is customized for every patient. Physicians use sophisticated lab tests to measure levels of a range of hormones, then compare your levels against optimal, youthful levels. If there a deficiency in any one hormone, your bioidentical hormone-replacement therapy doctor will prescribe individually compounded, natural hormones at personalized doses to bring your hormones levels back into the optimal range. Hormones measured during a comprehensive BHRT hormone balance test include:

Human growth hormone
Vitamin D

These test results will determine if BHRT is right for you.

BHRT is superior to traditional hormone therapy in another very important way: side effects are minimal. Your BHRT program will be designed to fit your unique circumstances and biology. The goal is to bring your hormone levels back into balance, keeping them with the same physiological levels you enjoyed in your twenties and thirties.

BHRT has actually been around since the 1930s and is today used by millions of people around the world to improve their quality of life and restore their youthful vitality. It’s also used by celebrities including Oprah Winfrey and Suzanne Somers, who have both enjoyed such positive results they’ve used their celebrity to spread the word about BHRT. There are few if any reports in the scientific literature of dangers associated with properly administered BHRT.

Ultimately, the decision to use BHRT should be between you and your doctor. If you are experiencing symptoms associated with aging, and your blood tests reveal a shortage of any crucial hormones, you might be among the millions of people who can turn back the clock on aging and regain their youthful health.

Genemedics Health Institute is a leading center for comprehensive BHRT. Led by Dr. George Shanlikian, our team of physicians has spent years working with patients to identify and then treat hormone deficiency and imbalance. But we are more than a hormone clinic: our approach to renewed health views the whole person. For every patient, we combine BHRT testing and therapy with a personalized exercise and nutrition plan and a custom-designed supplement program designed to correct any nutrient deficiencies. This combination of hormone therapy, lifestyle coaching, and caring support from our team of doctors has been proven to work—we see the changes in our patients every day. Put simply, Genemedics Health Institute is the best.

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